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Bells and associated mechanisms require appropriate ongoing maintenance to keep them safe and working effectively. The more routine elements of such work are classed as Minor Works not requiring application for a faculty (full details are set out in the Minor Works guidance) but all significant work will have to go through the full faculty process.

Bell-ringing activity needs to be managed so that it does not cause undue disturbance to local communities. Useful practical guidance on this is available in the document Church Bells and the Law. Detailed advice: The Diocesan Bells Adviser is available to provide advice on particular schemes - please contact the DAC Secretary in the first instance. The Church Buildings Council has produced a code of practice on The Conservation and Repair of Bells and Bell Frames which sets out the technical aspects in very great detail.

There are significant issues that PCCs also need to consider (practical, structural, ethical and legal) regarding telecoms installatiosn in bell towers and they should contact the DAC Office for detailed advice at an early stage.

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The DAC Office - The office of the Diocesan Advisory Commitee (DAC) has responsibility for progressing faculty applications and providing policy advice on church building matters.  The answer to most popular enquiries will be available via these web pages but do contact the DAC Office if not.  Where appropriate, the DAC Office can put you in touch with churches who have undertaken similar work to any scheme you might be proposing yourself.