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What is Social Responsibility?

Social Responsibility is an integral part of the Christian understanding of God's love for the whole world. We strive to respond to the call of our loving and self giving God through relationship and engagement with His world. Social Responsibility enables us to explore, explain and demonstrate how God's love may be understood in the challenges that face humanity at a personal and corporate level.

We look to Jesus' ministry for the pattern of our work:

The Spirit of God is constantly at work renewing and restoring the world. That same Spirit inspires us to join is His work. The Committee for Social Responsibility seeks to reflect this in the Diocese of Chester in the following areas of work: 


Areas of Work

Transforming lives together (TLT)

Find out more about this new joint venture between the Diocese of Chester and Church Urban Fund.

Counselling Services
 A Counselling Service for clergy, their immediate family, church members and lay workers.
• Encourage clergy to develop a healthy life/work balance through ‘consultative support’.
• Provide support and advice in pastoral situations, and co-ordinate action on mental health issues through the Mental Health Forum.

Criminal Justice
• Inform, resource and support parishes in their contact and engagement with criminal justice issues.
• Support the Chaplains at Styal Prison and Thorn Cross YOI.
• Organise and promote the ‘Prisons Week’ service in November.

Disability & Deafness
• Resource and support parishes to develop an inclusive attitude towards disability.
• Provide advice and information on adaptations to church buildings and other ways in which people with a disability can play a full part in church life.
• Co-ordinate and support teams of signers to provide signing at regular services and occasional offices.

• Help the diocese and parishes take action on environmental issues.
• Provide resources for parishes to help ‘Shrink our Footprint’.

Family Life
• Enable parishes to respond to the diverse needs of families.
• Provide resources for ministry around Baptism, Marriage, Bereavement, Parenting, Ageing and Older People.
• Older People and the Church Group: A network for supporting the ministry of churches with older people. 

Ethnic Concerns
• Encourage minority ethnic members to contribute to and be involved at all levels of our Church’s dynamic life.
• Promote Racial Justice Sunday each September.
• Offer support and advice.

Life Expectancy Wirral
• Enable Christian Communities to respond to the issues surrounding the unacceptable differentiation in life expectancy on Wirral
• Co-ordinate a ‘pairing’ programme for churches

• Co-ordinate support and networks through the Rural Co-ordinating team. 

• Resource and support those ministering in urban areas by building up networks for mutual help and support and affirm local initiatives.
• Co-ordinate action on issues, authorise grants and organise initiatives eg Challenging Poverty and Life Expectancy through the Urban Mission and Ministry Committee


Human Sexuality


Who’s Who

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Almighty Father
Whose Son Jesus Christ has taught us
that what we do for the least of our brothers and sisters
we do also for Him:
Give us the will to be the servant of others
as he was the servant of all,
In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.



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