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Funding: Church Urban Fund Together Grants

The Together Grants aims to: "Provide grants to enable churches and faith-based organisations working in partnership with others to tackle poverty through supporting them to initiate or develop community work. These works will the enable groups to either undertake new pieces of work or significantly expand the existing provision"

The Together Grant programme provides small grants of up to £5,000 for churches and Christian organisations to engage in social action, by supporting them to initiate or develop community work.

The programme has the following criteria:

◾Tackling poverty: The activity must be directly tackling poverty. CUF favour activities that are working directly with people in need.

◾Christian faith basis: The lead applicant should be a church or organisation with a Christian foundation.

◾Working in partnership: Applicants need to be working in partnership with at least one other church or organisation. This partnering organisation does not need to be Christian.

◾Local community focus: The activity needs to be based in the local community and to have local community involvement in identifying needs, initiating responses and running the project.

CUF also have Grants Guidance notes that explain in detail all of our criteria, including what we won’t fund and what we will prioritise. Our Grants Guidance can be found here.


Is there poverty in my parish? 

CUF provide a poverty look up took which gives an overview of every parish in England which can be found here



To assist prishes in their search for funding, the Dioceses of Chester and Manchester have taken out a subscription to Open4Funding. As part of the package we can offer Open4Funding, a basic search facility free to all parishes across the diocese. It's a user friendly, fast track route with information about sources of funding for all types of projects.

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