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Open 4 Funding

The Dioceses of Chester and Manchester have taken out a subscription to Open 4 Funding (which has replaced GRANTnet), enabling parishes to search a huge range of funding sources free of charge.

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What is Open 4 Funding?

The main features of this interactive database are:

  • Inclusion of over 4,000 funding sources
  • Data sourced from EC and government sources, including government departments, local authorities, charitable trusts and corporate sponsors
  • Updated daily
  • Easy to access and use
  • Rapid identification of funding sources specific to need
  • Searches relevant to your local area

Who can access Open 4 Funding?

Open 4 Funding is for use by parishes and related community projects in the Dioceses of Chester and Manchester only. Anyone designated by your parish or related community group can access it.

How to access Open 4 Funding

Click here to access

When you use the system for the first time:
•Click on the ‘Search for Funding’ box and complete the registration form.
•Clicking on the Register button will generate an e-mail providing a password within minutes.

Using Open 4 Funding

There is an excellent user guide on the Open 4 Funding Website (click the Help and Advice tab). If you need further assistance, please contact the relevant support staff below.

Before you search for funding

We do recommend that you read the Beginners' Guide to Grant Funding and seek support when preparing any application. Experience has proved that successful applications are usually made by those who have received support from experienced people in the grant application process.


Please contact Hannah Jones and let us know if any of your applications are successful. This will allow us to continue to assess the effectiveness of GRANTnet and decide whether we should continue with the subscription






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