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Diocesan Committee Membership

Bishop’s Council

Bishop of Chester Rt Revd Dr Peter Forster

Bishop of Birkenhead Rt Revd Keith Sinclair
Bishop of Stockport
The Dean of Chester Very Revd Prof Gordon McPhate
Archdeacon of Chester Ven Dr Michael Gilbertson
Archdeacon of Macclesfield Ven Ian Bishop
Chair of the House of Clergy
Chair of the House of Laity Canon Dr John Mason
Chair of the DBF Canon Elizabeth Renshaw MBE

Elected Members (until November 2015)

Chester Archdeaconry
Dr Graham Campbell
Mrs Rosalind Campbell
Dr Alan Dowen
Revd Canon David Felix
Mr John Freeman
Revd Andrew Greenhough
Revd Wayne Lautenbach
Mr Richard Neale
Revd Michael Ridley
Revd Michael Smith

Macclesfield Archdeaconry
Mr Paul Edwards
Revd Simon Gales
Miss Fiona Goode
Revd Julian Heaton
Revd Libby Lane
Mr John Legg
Mr David Marriott
Revd Dr Rob Munro
Mr Ian Roberts
Revd Canon Prof Roger Yates

Co-opted members:
Revd Canon Michael Walters

Nominated members:
Mrs Melanie McCombe

Secretary: George Colville

Archidiaconal Mission and Pastoral Committees

Chairman: The Suffragan Bishop

Vice-Chairman: The Archdeacon

Members: The Rural Deans (or their nominee)
The Lay Chairs of the Deaneries (or a nominee appointed by deanery synod)
Up to three members appointed by Bishop’s Council including at least one elected member

Secretary: George Colville

Assistant Secretary: Martin Smith

Foxhill Development Committee

Chairman: Rt Revd Libby Lane, Bishop of Stockport

Members: Rt Revd Chris Edmondson, Andrew Smith, Julie Dunlop, Steve Felsbergs, Revd Pete Rugen

Warden: Revd Jonathon Green
Assistant Warden: Christopher Wood

Education Committee
(Chester Diocesan Board of Education)

Terms of Reference

  • Functions prescribed by the Diocesan Board of Education Measure 1991 (promoting church schools, religious education and worship,advising school governors and trustees, approving alterations and repairs and where necessary giving directions to governors and trustees)
  • The provision of services for church schools (e.g. governor training and support, in-service training, school inspections, building and professional services)
  • Administering trust monies relating to schools
  • Ministry to children; ministry to youth; ministry to students and staff at institutes of further and higher education in the Diocese.

Chairman: Rt Revd Libby Lane, Bishop of Stockport

Vice-Presidents: Revd Melvyn Davies and Mr John Appleyard

Ex-Officio Member: Rt Revd Dr Peter Forster, Bishop of Chester

Elected by Diocesan Synod: Revd Dr John Harries and Mr Ian Roberts

Elected by Deanery Synods:
Birkenhead Mr W McKenzie
Bowdon Mr Paul Edwards
Chadkirk Mr J Furse
Cheadle Vacancy
Chester Mr C Wilkinson
Congleton Mrs D Wisener
Frodsham Mr Mr E Owen
Great Budworth Revd John Goode
Knutsford Dr Wendy Yates
Macclesfield Mrs Pip Worswick
Malpas Mr Robert Blackhurst
Middlewich Revd P Hartopp
Mottram Mr Ian Johnson
Nantwich Mr P Noden
Stockport Vacancy
Wallasey Mr Steve Cottam
Wirral North Vacancy
Wirral South Dominic Newstead

Nominated Members: Revd Cathy Helm

Co-opted Members (Schools): Revd L Bannon, Mrs A Bomford, Ms J Owen, Canon E Renshaw,  Revd D W Guest, Ms J Owen, Canon Prof T J Wheeler

Co-opted Members (Other): Revd Derek Guest, Canon Prof Tim Wheeler, Mr Josh Owens

Canon Jeff Turnbull 01928 718834 ext 222
Deputy Director: Ms Jill Kelly 07540 722669
Assistant Director of Education: Mrs Sue Noakes 01928 718834 ext 230
Adviser for Ministry amongst Children: Mr David Bell 01928 718834 ext 226
Diocesan Youth Officer: Revd Mark Montgomery 01928 718834 ext 225
Secretary to the Director: Mrs Sandra James 01928 718834 ext 223
School Administration Assistant: Ms Sandra Reynolds 01928 718834 ext 265
School Assets Officer: Mrs Chris Woodward 01928 718834 ext 228
School Assets Administrator: Mrs Sandra Jones 01928 718834 ext 227
School Assets Assistant:  Mrs Kirsty Gill 01928 718834 ext 248

Children’s Sub-Committee
Revd Cathy Helm
Mrs Sandra James
Mrs Angela Klabou
Mrs Kirsty Montgomery
Mrs Catherine Preece
Revd Eddie Scrase-Field

Youth Sub-Committee
Mr Gareth Crispin
Revd Paul Cumming
Mrs Sandra James
Revd Sue Mayo
Mrs Jenny Owen
Mrs Pam Robinson
Revd Chris Slater

Finance and Scrutiny Committee

Terms of reference
Financial management, Clergy Housing, Diocesan property (including glebe),
Central services, advice and training in parish administration, Communications.

Chairman: Mr Ian Scott-Dunn

Ex Officio:
Bishop of Chester The Rt Revd Dr Peter Robert Forster
Archdeacon of Chester Ven Dr Michael Gilbertson
Archdeacon of Macclesfield Ven Ian Bishop

Appointed by Bishop’s Council
Dr Graham Campbell
Canon Dr John Mason
Revd Mike Smith

Mrs Janet Carr
Revd Alex Sanders

Human Resources Committee

Terms of reference:
Human Resources policies and procedures, pay policies, implementation and recommendations on cost of living awards, exercise of discretion regarding any HR policy, recommendations on deployment of clergy and centrally employed staff.

Chairman: Canon Betty Renshaw, DBF Chair (Chair)

Ex Officio
The Rt Revd Peter Forster, Bishop of Chester
Chair of the House of Laity: Canon Dr John Mason,
Chair of the House of Clergy:

Appointed by Bishop’s Council: The Revd Canon David Felix

Diocesan Secretary: George Colville 01928 718834 Ext 247
Diocesan Director of Human Resources: Liz Geddes 01928 718834 Ext 240

Committee for Ministry

Terms of Reference
To oversee the recruitment, selection and training for ordained and licensed ministries for mission and ministry in the Diocese, and Continuing Ministerial Development.

  • Continuing Ministerial Development and Review
  • Initial Ministerial Education
  • Pastoral Worker Ministry
  • Reader Ministry
  • Regional Training Partnership (RTP) including All Saints Centre for Mission & Ministry Course
  • Resourcing leadership and discipleship
  • Self-Supporting Ministry
  • Spirituality
  • Vocation and Selection of Ordinands
  • Women in Ministry

Chairman: Ven Dr Mike Gilbertson

Co-opted Members:
Revd Dr Ruth Ackroyd 
Canon Prof Elaine Graham

Elected Members:
Canon Dr David Blackmore
Revd George Crowder
Ms Julie Withers
Revd James Durbin
Revd Dr Joe Kennedy

Bishop’s Council Representative:
Revd Canon David Felix

Bishop of Chester’s Nominated Members:


Director & Secretary
Revd Canon Dr Christopher Burkett, Church House
01928 718834 ext 256 07921 040153
PA to the Director of Ministry
Jane Hood, Church House
01928 718834 ext 257
Lay Training Course Administrator
Peter Bacon, Church House
01928 718834 ext 237
Continuing Ministerial Development Officer
Revd Canon David Herbert
01928 718834 ext 267
Diocesan Director of Ordinands
Revd Magdalen Smith, Church House
01928 718834 ext 238
PA to Diocesan Director of Ordinands
Peter Bacon, Church House
01928 718834 ext 237
Assistant DDO
Revd Lorraine Reed
Warden of Readers
Revd John Knowles
Warden of Pastoral Workers
Revd Vivien Gisby
Director of Studies for Ordinands
Revd Gary O’Neill
Director of Studies for Readers
Revd Liz Shercliff
Director of Studies for Pastoral Workers
Revd Peter Mackriell
Diocesan Dean of Women in Ministry
Revd Alison Fulford
Bishop’s Officer for Non-Stipendiary Ministers
Revd Canon Prof Roger Yates
Bishop’s Adviser for Ministry Development Review
Revd Gary O’Neill
CMD Grants Administrator
Jane Hood, Church House
01928 718834 ext 257
Prayer and Christian Spirituality Officer
Revd Graham Green
Programme Liaison Officer
Revd Dr David Lamb
Young Vocations Advisers
Revd Helena Roulston
Revd Calum Piper

Parish Development Team

Terms of reference:

The Parish Development Team aims to enable growth in the churches of the Diocese by encouraging: • Church health • Numerical growth • Christian giving • Community outreach

Diocesan Missioner
Lyn Weston, Church House
01928 718834 Ext 260
Parish Development Officer
Revd Richard Burton, Church House
01928 718834 ext 231 07834 318524
Diocesan Adviser in Christian Giving and Pastoral Reorganisation
Mr Martin Smith, Church House
01928 718834 ext 236
Mrs Anne Cody, Church House
01928 718834 ext 263
Diocesan Worship Adviser
Revd Andy Stinson
Lay members of Parish Development Team Reference Group
Prof Katharine Perera
Sally Dowel
Peter Coates

Committee for Social Responsibility

Terms of reference

The Committee’s aim is to resource and support parishes in mission, particularly their social action and outreach.

  • Counselling
  • Criminal Justice
  • Disability Awareness and Signing
  • Environment
  • Family Life
  • Interfaith
  • Life Expectancy Wirral
  • Mental Health
  • Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns
  • Project Development and Resources
  • Rural Mission and Ministry
  • Safeguarding
  • Urban Mission and Ministry
  • World Development

Chair: Ven Ian Bishop

Elected Members:
Revd George Crowder
Mrs Kath Cliffe
Revd Lynne Cullen
Revd Andrew Greenhough
Revd Jane Parry
Mr Vincent Whitehead

Representatives of Bishop’s Council:
Mr John Freeman

Nominated Members:
Revd Shaun Conlon


Co-opted Members:
Revd Thia Hughes
Mrs Angela Klabou - Mothers’ Union

Director/Urban Officer
01928 718834 ext 235 07918 732805
Mrs Anne Cody, Church House
01928 718834 ext 263
Head of Counselling Services and Mental Health Forum
Mrs Jane Knight, Church House
01928 718834 ext 266
01270 652034 mob: 07918 73 2806
Mediation Service
In the first instance contact the Head of Counselling Services, Mrs Jane Knight
01270 652034 or 07918 732806 (mobile)
Vulnerability and Safeguarding Officer
Pauline Butterfield, Church House
01928 718834 ext 221 07703 800 031
PA to the VSO
Stephen Ellis, Church House
01928 718834 ext 261
Family Life Officer
Mrs Ruth Mock Church House
01928 718834 ext 232
Mob: 07918 732803
Transforming Lives Together Development Workers
Kath Leigh, Church House
01928 718834 ext 263
Wendy Robertson, Church House
01928 718834 ext 263

Mrs Elizabeth Gentil
World Development
Mr John Freeman
Revd Roger Clarke
Working Groups
Criminal Justice Group
Chair Mr Vincent Whitehead
Urban Mission and Ministry Committee
Chair The Rt Revd Keith Sinclair
Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns
Chair Revd Canon Lameck Mutete
Rural Co-ordinating Group
Revd Anne Lawson

Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC)

The DAC provides advice to parishes and the Diocese on matters affecting places of worship and:
(i) the grant of faculties
(ii) the architecture, archaeology, art and history of places of worship
(iii) the use, care, planning, design and redundancy of places of worship
(iv) the use and care of the contents of such places
(v) the use and care of churchyards and burial grounds.
Parishes need to seek the formal advice of the DAC when making an application for a faculty for works to church buildings, their contents and churchyards.

Chairman: Prof Bob Munn

The Archdeacons
Mr Tony Barton
Revd Roger Clarke
Mr John Carter
Revd Canon Ian Davenport
Mr Graham Holland
Revd Jane Parry
Mr Mark Pearce
Revd Michael Ridley
Mr Vincent Whitehead
Mrs Alexandra Fairclough

DAC Secretary: Mr Paul Broadhurst, Church House
01928 718834 Ext 243
Assistant Mrs Caroline Hilton, Church House
01928 718834 ext 244

Vacancy-in-See Committee

Chairman: Canon Dr John Mason

Elected Members:
Revd Libby Lane
Peter Wilkinson,
Revd Canon Elaine Chegwin Hall
Mr Ian Roberts

Ex-Officio members
The Suffragan Bishops, the Dean, the Archdeacons, the Proctors, the Lay members of the General Synod and the Chairs of the Houses of Clergy and Laity of the Diocesan Synod

Secretary: George Colville, Church House

Diocesan Board of Patronage

Revd Julian Heaton

The Bishop of Chester
The Archdeacon concerned
The Rural Dean concerned
The Lay Chair concerned

Elected Members:
Revd Andrew Greenhough
Mr Richard Neale
Mr Peter Wilkinson
Mrs Rosalind Campbell
Revd Julian Heaton
Dr Graham Campbell
Mr David Marriott

Secretary: George Colville, Church House

Partners for World Mission

Chair: John Freeman
Secretary: John Kirkland
Melanesian Link: Mrs Barbara Molyneux
Congo Link: Mr John Owens
Mission Link Secretary: Mrs Gill Brown

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