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GAP2 (2011 - 2012)

Foreword from Bishop Peter

In its first year GAP has given a new sense of direction and vitality to many of the parishes in our Diocese. This new life has ranged from giving existing ministries renewed vision and energy to new initiatives by which we can engage with our local communities. It has been very exciting and rewarding for everyone to re-imagine how we can more effectively celebrate the love of God, and our sharing in the life of God in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is important for us all to remember that GAP is not necessarily about doing more things. Rather, GAP encourages us all to focus upon what is really important for our mission, and to do it as well as possible. My prayer is that GAP Year 2 will enable every parish to press on with its vision to grow in Christ and, we pray, to grow in numbers. May God bless us all in the mission we share in Jesus Christ our Lord.  +Peter


GAP prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,
You command and inspire your church to make disciples:
May our church become a joyful and vibrant community of welcome, worship and service, spreading hope to those around us and attracting others to the fire of your love:
May your Spirit be at work through our Growth Action Planning, helping us to catch a vision for your church and to serve you faithfully, to your glory and honour.



CHESTER A/D: Birkenhead, Chester, Frodsham, Great Budworth, Malpas, Middlewich, Wallasey, Wirral North, Wirral South October 2010 March 2011
MACCLESFIELD A/D: Congleton, Macclesfield, Nantwich October 2010 March 2011
MACCLESFIELD A/D: Chadkirk, Mottram, Stockport, Bowdon, Cheadle, Knutsford January 2011 May 2011

GAP Year 3: In GAP year 3 we hope to move all the deaneries to the same start date. In Year 3 all parishes will receive their GAP folder in early January (2012) to be returned in May (2012).



The first year of Growth Action Planning has caught the imagination of most churches in the Diocese. Through GAP many churches have begun to see how careful strategic planning is a helpful tool to enable growth in prayer, discipleship, community service and numbers. Almost every church in the Diocese now has a vision of what it wants to be like in five years time. It is not about doing more things but doing the most important things as well as possible. An inspiring vision statement reminds a church what it could look like if was to do things really well. Jesus invites us to join with him in making disciples and to be part of the great commission he gave to his church. Most churches in the Diocese have three goals to help them turn their vision into reality. Each chosen goal has been given specific, measurable and achievable steps to ensure it is effectively implemented and the work of PCCs in recent months has been to monitor progress on each goal. Hopefully, by this stage, every PCC can look back and celebrate at least one goal mainly completed. In Year 2 churches are again free to choose their own method of planning and there are two main aspects: Reviewing vision and goals from Year 1 and discerning goals for Year 2

Year 2 process

  1. Review your vision statement
  2. Review GAP Year 1 goals
  3. Review if you need to do another SWOT analysis
  4. Discern the goals for year 2
  5. Set ‘SMART’ steps for Year 2
  6. Learn from year 1The Diocesan GAP Team reviewed the GAP returns from Year 1 which produced a clear picture of the common problems parishes encountered in GAP Year 1.
    • Long and complex vision statements – it should be clear, pithy and memorable.
    • Unrealistic vision statements – it needs to be based in the reality of the culture in which your church is set by God.
    • Goals that are too general – they should be specific and achievable.
    • Specific but unrealistic goals - if everyone in your church is over 70 then starting a weekly Sunday School in one year is a big leap.
    • SMART steps which are really goals in their own right – check your SMART steps are specific and realistic.
  7. Do you need to organise a church GAP Day?
  8. Complete the GAP Year 2 form and email it to your Suffragan Bishop Open the form below and save it to your computer. It is now ready for you to input your information into. You can save your work and come back to it later if you need to add more detail. When you have completed your form please email it to your Suffragan Bishop by the deadline found in the table above.



GAP Year 2: Summary form

GAP Year 2: Parish Pack

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