VJ Day party in Oxton church


undefinedThe spirit of VJ Day descended on St Saviour's church, Oxton, Birkenhead, when a special party commemorated the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II hostilities in the Far East. More than 100 people sat down to a lunch prepared by the parish holiday club.

Much of the catering was undertaken by the club's young members – with some adult assistance. Members also produced the decorations for the event.

The holiday club had been meeting for four weeks prior to the special day to plan the event, which was held on Sunday 23 August.

Vicar the Revd Dr Joe Kennedy said: “While everyone had a great deal of fun, and a good lunch, we must not forget the poignancy of the occasion. This is something especially relevant to us here in Oxton, as the father of Patrick Toosey, one of our parishioners, was captured by the enemy and was the senior British officer present at the building of the infamous bridge over the River Kwai.”

Patrick Toosey’s father, who died in 1975, was Brigadier Sir Philip John Denton Toosey. He was, as a lieutenant colonel, the senior Allied officer in the Japanese prisoner-of-war campy at Tha Maa Kham (known as Tamarkan) in Thailand during the Second World War. It was the men at this camp who built the bridge over the River Kwai.

Pictured above, a scene from the VJ lunch