Cheers, Vicar! This beer’s for you


undefinedWhen the Revd Verena Breed went to bless a local brewery in Wincle (a few miles south-east of Macclesfield) she didn't realise that it would lead to her face appearing on the labels of beer bottles.

The Wincle Beer Company decided to brew a German-style weizen (wheat) beer – and the owner Giles Meadows thought he would use the opportunity to honour local vicar Verena, who is German.

Verena explained: “Giles used to run the Ship Inn at Wincle but in recent years he has operated a successful micro-brewery based in the village. He is a supporter of our parish and often helps when we do things in the community.

"It was an honour – but somewhat surprising – to have a beer named after me and my face on the bottles.

"I’m not a beer drinker but my husband Jason is and he tells me he has tried the Wincle Weizen and rates it very highly."

Verena was a Lutheran minister in her native Rhineland before moving to England and becoming ordained as an Anglican priest in 2002. She is Vicar of Wincle, Wildboarclough, Bosley and North Rode, and Rural Dean of Macclesfield. She is pictured above with brewery owner Giles Meadows.

The Wincle Weisen is available in bottles from local independent off-licences. You can also buy it from the brewery shop in the village.

As well as a picture of Verena on the label, these words from the brewery are printed: “Having blessed our new brewery, it was only fitting that we brewed a German-style beer in honour of our German Vicar – Verena. This one has turned out so well that we wondered whether there has been some divine intervention.”