Upton’s community choir starts up


undefinedUpton parish, near Chester, has employed a music leader to develop music in the wider community as well as directing the church choir. Clare Newbould, a teacher by profession, is pictured at the first meeting of the Upton Community Choir, attended by 40 people - mainly from outside the church community.

Clare is the new Community and Church Musician at Holy Ascension, Upton, near Chester Zoo. The parish has a choir, which Clare will work with to develop.But she will also use music to forge stronger links in the community for the parish.

She led the newly formed community choir at its first meeting on Wednesday 5 June.

There will be coaching and singing practice at the future regular meetings. Admission to each meeting is £2. 

Vicar David Sayle said: “The community music side of our operation is really about letting local people know that our parish is interested in them and wants to help them develop their talents and enrich their lives and enrich the collective life of the area where we all live.

“Our community choir will sing all sorts of music – from show songs to rock and pop. Already some 20 people from outside our congregation have expressed a strong interest in joining.”

Phone Clare Newbould (pictured below) on 07896614397 for details of upcoming community choir meetings, or email clare.newbould@btinternet.com