Uncle Eustace's funny booklet launch


undefinedThe Revd Dr Gary Bowness, Vicar of Henbury and Broken Cross, launched a humorous booklet at the Christian Resources Exhibition North held near Manchester earlier this month (October).

'The Letters of Uncle Eustace'  tells the funny side of life in a rural Anglican parish which is blessed with a VERY old-fashioned priest.

The booklet is based on a series of articles which Gary Bowness has written for www.parishpump.co.uk  – a resource website for church magazine editors.

Taffy Davies (the former Rural Dean of Macclesfield, who is currently on secondment to Foxhill, our diocesan spiritual retreat and conference centre) illustrated the booklet.

The two priests are pictured above, with Taffy on the left.

The editor of Parish Pump, Anne Coomes, who is based in Bollington, near Macclesfield, explained her reason for publishing the booklet. She said: “One of the charms of the Church of England is that down the centuries it has been blessed with some extraordinary clergy.

“There are still some about. We would like to introduce you to one who presides over life in the small parish of St James-the-Least-of-All, buried somewhere deep in the heart of rural England.  Here time has stood still, kept firmly at bay by the elderly Anglo-Catholic vicar, Eustace.

“He is in the habit of writing letters to his nephew, and thus we can gain a glimpse of what parish life once was, and in a few remote areas, may still be, for all we know.”

Gary Bowness’ Uncle Eustace character first made his appearance on the Parish Pump website in 2005. Nowadays Eustace and St-James-the-Least-of-All are to be found in thousands of church magazines and on church websites worldwide.

The booklet was launched on Thursday 11 October at the Christian Resources Exhibition North at Event City, near the Trafford Centre, south Manchester.

Copies of ‘The Letters of Uncle Eustace’ (Parish Pump Publishing), can be ordered from www.parishpump.co.uk  at £4.95 each. Or Taffy has some copes at Foxhill.