Trevor Dennis new book Aug 2015


undefinedA new book which explores ways to make the lives of Christians less prone to discomfort and distress has been written by a member of our diocesan Mental Health Forum former and a former Vice Dean of Chester Cathedral. The authors say the book communicates this healing truth that encountering the love of God frees us to love our neighbours AND ourselves, as we could. The book is full of engaging stories.

The Circle of Peace: An Antidote to Distress, by Ken Lewis and the Revd Dr Trevor Dennis, aims to show people how to understand where the discomfort they feel may originate; and encourage them to alleviate the pain by experimenting with small but beneficial changes.

Trevor Dennis is a theologian who is highly experienced in teaching and pastoral ministry.

Ken Lewis is a chartered psychologist and a member of St Michael's, Plas Newton, Chester, as well as being on the mental health forum. 

“You shall love your neighbour as yourself, so the Bible says, so Jesus said,” explained Trevor Dennis. “Loving our neighbour, yes. But loving ourselves? That can be hard, and though it's true that we never have to worry about God, we do. So how can we truly love ourselves and find God as our friend and companion? Those are the questions we address in The Circle of Peace.”

Ken Lewis added: “The concept of 'Loving your neighbour as you love yourself' is a bit like an equation; it has two parts … one 'Love your neighbour’ … two 'Love yourself’. They balance around the word ‘as’.

“With all equations what you do to one side impacts on the other. Loving your neighbour is therefore facilitated by loving yourself. Our book is about trying ways of making the equation work.”

The two men believe their book might have achieved a ‘first’ of its type by being a combined effort between a biblical scholar / theologian and a chartered psychologist.

Ken and Trevor will hold a launch event for the book at St Michael's Plas Newton, Devon Road, Newton, Chester CH2 2PX on Wednesday 9 September, starting at 7.30pm. All are most welcome – there will be music and light refreshments, as well as a bit of chat. They would like to have an idea of numbers, so if you hope to come please let them know, Contact Ken: 01244 335353 or Trevor on 01244 638441

The Circle of Peace: An Antidote to Distress is published by SPCK on August 20, 2015, at £10.99 and is available at Chester Cathedral bookshop and online via and