Time To Talk mental health 2016


undefinedSometimes the isolation and stigma around a mental health issue can feel worse than the issue itself. That's why we all need to talk. Jane Knight (PICTURED), our Diocesan Head of Counselling, encouraged all parishes to get involved in ‘Time to Talk Day' on Thursday 4 February.

The idea was that we took five minutes to have a conversation about mental health with a friend or colleague.

Talking about mental health doesn’t need to be difficult - and it can make a big difference. Time to Talk Day is a project organised with the Time to Change campaign, which challenges mental health stigma and discrimination across England.

Jane Knight said "Laughter is a great healer and tonic.  When we are down or anxious it is hard to feel like laughing at anything at all. But we  know how it feels to have a good laugh with someone  - it eases tension and leaves a sense of well being.  And laughter is infectious - so maybe today could also be ‘Time to laugh day’. "

At Church House, Daresbury, staff (pictured top right) made a determined attempt on the day to talk candidly with each other about mental health. They also took some time to enjoy a bit of laughter with each other.

If you would like to get involved the Time to Change website has lots of tips and free resources to help start conversations. time-to-change