Swap Shop Leasowe LEW 2015


undefinedA popular scheme called Swap Shop is helping people in Leasowe, Wirral, get clothes for their families. On each first and third Tuesday of the month, the stalls and display rails are laid out in the parish hall at St Chad's, Leasowe. See a link to our FILM of the event at the tip of this story

Leasowe is near the north-east tip of the Wirral peninsula. The Swap Shop is run at St Chad’s, but it’s a paired event with the parish of St John the Baptist in Meols – a few miles further east and a somewhat more prosperous locality.

Every fortnight parishioners from Meols help clean and sort the contributed clothes for the scheme and help run the Swap Shop in Leasowe with members of St Chad's.

It’s a good example of partnership within the Life Expectancy Wirral (LEW) project, says Wendy Robertson, project worker.  

LEW was developed by our diocese in response to the fact that people on the Mersey side of the Wirral die, on average, nearly 12 years younger than those living on the more prosperous Dee (eastern) side.

Chris Branch is a Churchwarden and Pastoral Worker at St John’s, Meols, and also a volunteer / organiser of Swap Shop. She said the scheme was of great practical value in Leasowe, as well as building useful social links. People in Meols, particularly the elderly, liked to get involved in sorting, washing and ironing the clothes.

Our top picture shows the Revd Aline Watts, Priest-in-Charge at Leasowe, with regular Swap Shop user Stephanie Topham, who lives locally.

Pictured below, is the Vicar of Meols, the Revd Gillian Rossiter, getting stuck into the ironing just before a recent Swap Show opened.