Stockport WWI drama 2014


undefinedSt George's Men', a musical drama and World War I commemoration, written and directed by Chris Dawson, finished to a standing ovation in St George's church, Heaviley, Stockport, on Saturday 8 November. The piece, which was devised and staged to raise funds for the organ at the church, unfolded with great poignancy and humour.

The drama was performed by a skilled cast of characters on two consecutive evenings, drawing an audience of 180 people and raising over £1,000 for the organ fund.

‘St George’s Men’ tells the story of two local men who fought in and survived the horrors of World War I. They were: Bob Morton, a company sergeant major who served with the 6th Cheshire on the Western Front ; and Jack Morten, who served in Gallipoli and France.  Evidence of their experiences was provided through wartime correspondence and post-war conversations with friends. The narrative was made up of letters, articles, speeches, poems and popular wartime songs.

Writer and director Chris Dawson, said: “Because this was about two local men and their experiences, it made World War I more real for all of us. And a big thank you to all the cast and helpers and to everyone who came to see the show and contributed to the organ fund.”
Anyone who wishes to learn more about the church’s organ fund should phone Chris Dawson on 0161 429 7880 or email

Above - so moving,  the performance of ‘St George’s Men’