St Mellitus North West: the St Aidan's Centre 2013


undefinedForty-four years ago St Aidan's College in Birkenhead closed. But now we have St Mellitus North West: the St Aidan's Centre (SMNW) a mixed mode course, with its main teaching base at Liverpool Cathedral.

To the tradition of St Aiden’s College has been added that of St Mellitus College, London – the fastest-growing and now largest Anglican theological college in the country. 

The Bishop of Chester, Peter Forster, was very supportive in the work done to set up the new mixed mode course, and the Bishop of Stockport, Robert Atwell is the Chair of the Advisory Board.  The current intake of ordinands includes two pioneers from the GLO church, Offerton, Stockport (Phil Harris and Dan Cook), and two interns from Christ Church, Chester (Rosie Adcock and James Leavy).

A new partnership between St Mellitus College and the North West England dioceses of Chester, Blackburn, Carlisle, Liverpool and Manchester, has been created to run the course.

The programmes in theology and missional leadership offered by SMNW provide ordination training for the Church of England, and for students from other denominations.

All the students – 20 in this first cohort – are actively engaged in Christian ministry and leadership throughout the course, and are drawn from as far away as Blackpool and Bradford.

Following in the footsteps of St Aidan, formation of Christ-like character is paramount, the training suggests. So on Mondays, the main teaching day held in Liverpool Cathedral, worship sets the context for the teaching.

The tutorial team includes: the Dean of Liverpool, Pete Wilcox (Lecturer in Old Testament & Theology); Michael Leyden (Tutor in Theology; and Jeremy Duff (Lecturer in New Testament).

The Revd Dr Jill Duff, Director of SMNW, said: “I’m excited to have our first pioneering cohort with us at St Mellitus North West. Working with them makes me hopeful for the church in the North.  Praying for them encourages me that the tide really is turning.”

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Pictured above, ordinands from the first chohort