snakes and 'scaries@ in Eastham 2014


undefinedCommunity facility The Net @68 in Eastham, south Wirral, has seen many uses since it opened in late 2012 but recently the visitors included a tarantula spider and a reticulated python! The exotic creature were brought in for local young people to see, along with corn snakes and a bearded dragon.

The Net @68 – a partnership of St Mary’s church, Eastham, Mill Park Tenants’ Committee and Magenta Living (an affordable housing provider) – has seen many uses including training courses in money management and healthy living.

The animals showcase was a completely new venture for winter half term.

Dan Davies brought in the creatures. Although the tarantula and bearded dragon were merely exhibited, the smaller corn snakes and the reticulated python could be and were enthusiastically held by the children.

Pictured - Dan Davies and some of the children with the smaller reticulated python