Sea Sunday service 2012 Barnston


Filipino mariners relaxing at the Liverpool Seafarers CentreThe annual Sea Sunday service will take place at Christ Church, Barnston Village, Wirral, on Sunday 15 July, starting at 6.30pm, followed by light refreshments.

The service is organised by the Liverpool Seafarers Centre (LSC) - an ecumenical partnership between the Apostleship of the Sea (Liverpool) and The Mersey Mission to Seafarers. Based in Waterloo, adjacent to the Port of Liverpool, the centre’s staff and ministers daily visit all vessels berthed in the Mersey and when resources allow, also the ships berthed on the Manchester Ship Canal.

Today, many seafarers come from countries in the developing world, such as the Philippines, India, Ukraine and China. They work to send money to support their families back home. Being at sea for long periods means that seafarers can lose touch with what is going on in the world. Pictured relaxing at the centre are some Filipino crew.

The LSC supplies summaries of the day’s news, often in the home language of the mariners, and the means for them to communicate by landline or internet with their families overseas,

The LSC also offers is a safe haven where seafarers can relax in comfort, and enjoy a rest, a book exchange and perhaps get a woolly hat or warm clothes donated by supporters.

The service at Barnston is open to all. It will give thanks for the work of all those at sea.