Sculpture exhibition Jan 2014


undefinedChester Cathedral is hosting a new sculpture exhibition. Work by Jack Sawbridge themed �Tension, Resonance and Light', and made from polished wood, blown glass and musical strings, is on display in the cloisters daily until the end of Janaury. Entry to the exhibition is free of charge. An example of Jack's sculpture is pictured here.

Jack, who originally trained as an architect, is able to construct his geometric devices by shaping his materials into dynamic, interactive systems. He has developed a number of techniques that enable him to encase illuminated, blown glass vessels in polished, wooden structures.

Heritage and Exhibition Manager, Nick Fry, said: “The sculptures Jack is bringing to the cathedral are fascinating and beautiful.  This kind of solo show is a first for us – and we are sure visitors will love it.  It will be very special to see these impressive structures in the context of the cathedral’s medieval cloisters”.