Sale chruch community choir 2013


undefinedSt Paul's church in Sale has started a community choir that's designed to appeal to all ages and abilities. The choir (pictured) meets 1pm every Friday for tea and coffee first then from 1.30pm it's singing a mix of sacred and secular songs

Anyone in the community is welcome to drop in on a Friday afternoon, meet others and enjoy singing for fun in a supportive and safe environment. People with age- related health concerns are especially welcome.

Organisers of the choir say know how much enjoyment singing can bring to people with dementia as they can still remember lots of the old music.

The choir has largely come about as a result of members of St Paul's Church also being keen members of the Sale Square Mile community group.

Alan Savage, founder of Sale Square Mile said: 'We already take clients with dementia to other activities but by far the most enjoyed is community singing.  Research has shown that it increases positive social behaviours in us.”