Saighton School gift boxes for the homless 2014


undefinedChildren and staff at Saighton Church of England primary school near Chester have donated more than 70 shoeboxes filled with useful gifts to the homeless people in the city in time for Christmas. The project was carried out in support of Chester Aid to the Homeless (CATH) an organisation which provides basic support for those in crisis on a daily basis.

Over Christmas CATH will serve meals to homeless people at its centre and go out into the community to offer support to people who may be spending Christmas day on the streets. The volunteers will give homeless people a Christmas lunch and a Christmas shoebox gift. 

The school heard of the plea for Christmas shoeboxes and decided to make it this term's charitable appeal – by supporting a local cause that the children could easily identify with and engage with the meaning of Christmas as exemplified by ‘giving rather than receiving’.

Gifts inside the shoeboxes included, toiletries, woolly hats, gloves and chocolate. Boxes were covered with festive paper and each included a card wishing recipients a Happy Christmas from ‘Someone Who Cares’.

Rob Bissett of CATH visited the school to collect the boxes and tell the children something of the work of the organisation. He was delighted with the children's efforts. “Thanks to the children at Saighton, every homeless person in Chester will now get a gift on Christmas Day," he said.

Mavis Sellers, headteacher, said: "I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the families at school. It makes me proud of my school."

The youngsters are pictured above, holding up their gift-filled Christmas boxes before handing them over to Rob Bissett of the charity CATH