School's big day


undefinedSaighton C of E Primary School near Chester celebrated being 150 years old recently and held a special day to mark that milestone and to celebrate the Queen's jubilee year. The Bishop of Chester and Captain Spencer Taylor of Her Majesty Household Cavalry were among the visitors.

Captain Taylor, a former pupil of the school, gave a talk to pupils on his life and commitment in the Household Cavalry.

A storyboard featuring photographs and memorabilia told his story from school days of the present day. He explained how horses play an important part in his duties, and tanks too. He has seen action in Bosnia – and in Afghanistan, where he shared accommodation with Prince Harry. The Household Cavalry are the only regiment entitled to enter Buckingham Palace on ceremonial duty.

Mavis Sellers, headmistress, opened the presentation, then Christine Taylor (pictured above with Bishop Peter and Captain Taylor) read a poem created especially for the occasion. The Bishop led prayers, including the Lord’s Prayer.

Captain Taylor planted a weeping willow with the help of the children. The tree had been nurtured by local garden centre Roots ‘n’ Shoots for many months.

The bishop unveiled a commemorative plaque with help from pupils. The plaque was carved in seasoned oak provided by a Tom Broadbent from Chester Cathedral.

Refreshments were held in the Eco classroom where home-made cakes decorated with red, white and blue of the Union Flag.