Prenton chucrh's restored east window


undefinedEarlier this year the big east window at St Stephen's church, Prenton, Wirral, was removed, restored and cleaned and returned to its former position above the reredos and altar. While that was being done a 25-foot cross in rainbow materials (PICTURED, TOP) was created to enhance the worship area in time for Easter celebrations.

Then on Sunday 22 June, the Bishop of Birkenhead re-dedicated the restored window (PICTURED, BOTTOM). He challenged everyone at that service re-dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ.

The window was originally given by the people of Prenton to commemorate those who had lost their lives in the First World War.

For several weeks earlier this year the parishioners lived with scaffolding, polythene and disruption as the window was removed,  cleaned and restored at a cost of £100,000.

The stained glass window has in its central panel Jesus holding the orb (the world) in his left hand and blessing us with his right hand. He is surrounded by many angels. Underneath, Christ is portrayed as a priest administering communion. To the left is Mary; to the right is St George. The extreme left panel shows Jesus calming the storm above which is St Nicholas. The extreme right panel shows a soldier (St Alban) laying down his sword at the feet of Jesus. At the bottom of the outside two windows is the date 1918 – the year the First World War ended.