Prayer for Bosley


undefinedOur people are asked to say the following prayer for all those affected by the mill explosion in Bosley, near Macclesfield. It comes from the Vicar of Bosley, the Revd Dr John Harries, and his parishioners, who are engaged in practical and spiritual support for the local community ...

God of all mercy and love,

who shares our burdens and calls us to pray for all in need,

look with compassion on those affected by the explosion in Bosley:

to those suffering from burns and other injuries, grant healing and courage;

to those in emotional distress, grant peace and healing of mind;

to those awaiting news of loved ones, grant comfort and faith in your salvation;

to those involved in the recovery process grant perseverance and understanding;

to those providing support and advice grant strength and wisdom.

Gracious Father, provide for those who have lost home or employment,

uphold those whose hope is failing,

comfort those whose hearts are breaking,

and encourage those whose hands are serving,

for we make our request in the name of him whose name is love,

your Son and our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Pictured above:  the eight candles lit at Bosley St Mary the Virgin church in a special prayer event on Friday 24 July - four for the three dead and one still missing; four for people being treated in hospital