Pastoral Workers’ Training Day - The Cup of Compassion


Margaret Kitchen, Pastoral Worker at St John’s, High Legh, shares her experience of a training day at Foxhill.

Pastoral Workers are given the opportunity each year to meet together, to learn more about our faith and to be with each other.  Like all ministry, we are very busy with church activities and pastoral needs which can be exhausting and fulfilling at the same time!

On this occasion we were meeting at Foxhill House and Woodlands for a day titled “The Cup of Compassion” led by Jo Mackriell and Jo Whittall. 20 of us gathered to be inspired and reflect on our work. Our day was so much more than anything I have attended before.  We had been told that theme of “The Cup of Compassion”  would be explored by focussing on expressing emotions through journaling. This led me to believe we would be using words with some art.

The colours, reflections, words and encouragement that came out of our time together was special and I would encourage you all to experience expressing your emotions through art.

The two Jo’s leading the session prepared well with resources and prayerful consideration and for the first time in a very long time, I not only felt close to God, but experienced that overwhelming peace in my heart we all seek.

I don’t want to give too much away because I know the session will be repeated for Pastoral Workers  after Christmas.  The Lord never ceases to care for us, amaze us, and teach us how to be close to him. We listen and open our lives to others who seek his face, need compassion and care, and we are all called to “Let Go and Let God” be with us.  Please contact Peter Bacon on 01928 718834 ext 237 or  if you want to learn more.