Ordinands lunch Xmas 2013


undefinedOrdinands gathered in Chester as guests of the Bishop of Chester for lunch and a social event. They are pictured on the stairway at Bishop's House. The ordinands enjoyed a choice of vegetarian lasagne or lamb casserole, followed by pavlova and fresh fruit.

There were some 60 guests altogether at the event back in December.  Some ordinands brought their spouses. Among other guests were the Bishops of Birkenhead and Stockport, the Archdeacon of Chester, the Diocesan Secretary George Colville, the Director of Human Resources, Liz Geddes, and the Director of Ordinands, Ray Samuels. 

In our picture with Bishop Peter are: Tracy Ward, Hilary Merrington, Michael Fox, Dan Cook, Mark Turner, Andrew Knight, Phil Bryson, Jenny Dunlop, Janet Arnold, Paul Bentley, Eunice Blackmore, Lesley Currie, Veronica Green, Derek Marshall, Robin Pye, David Cowie, Bishop Robert Atwell, Archdeacon Michael Gilbertson, Rob Barker, Al Rodgers, Emma Jamieson, James Neal, Michelle Goodrich, Chris Viney, Simon Donohoe, Phil Harris and Mark Green. 

Currently our diocese has 38 people in training for the ordained ministry. Nationally there are over 500. There is an approximate 50 – 50 split by gender among Ordinands in our diocese.

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of younger people (aged below 32) coming to train. Nationally it’s about 22 per cent. In our diocese we have 14 people aged below 32 in training.

Ray Samuels said: “Interest in vocations and training in general are in good heart. The arrival of St Mellitus North West in Liverpool is another way to train (50 per cent  in a parish, 50 per cent studying in Liverpool) and this is attracting people who do not want to train part-time while continuing their day job, and who do not want to go away to a college.