Open House in Wallasey 1st birthday 2015


undefinedThis initiative is in the parish of The Resurrection in Liscard the main shopping district in Wallasey, Wirral. Open House meets on a Tuesday afternoon in St Mary's church, Manor Lane. It was set up a year ago (following the success of a similar project in Tranmere, Birkenhead, called 'Open Door') to encourage children and young families to come to the church and get involved with the parish.

Each week there are arts and crafts, a story, songs, a prayer, drinks and cakes at the service. Some of the young people who attend are pictured above at a recent Open House service.

Sister Val Legg of the Church Army leads the project, supported by a team of people from the parish.

The first day Open House  started, in January 2014, no-one came to the service. The second week four people attended. Now around 50 people attend..

The Revd Richard Burton, Parish Development Officer, writes: Val Legg has made excellent relationships with the staff and children of Liscard primary school. She also knows many of the parents of the school children. On a Tuesday all the children and their parents, grandparents or carers have to walk past the church as they leave school. Val is always outside the church to remind families that Open House is about to start. From these friendships a whole new congregation has started.

Open House is one of the diocese’s most creative examples of Fresh Expressions.