Northern Bishops mission set to 'sizzle'


undefinedThis September, 25 bishops including Bishop Keith and Bishop Libby are to join the Archbishop of York for four days of mission activity across Lancashire. The Crossroads Mission is a personal initiative of the Archbishop and runs from September 8 until September 11. Hundreds of events will take place across Blackburn Diocese in schools, pubs, universities, colleges, shopping centres, community centres, cafes and churches and even Ewood Stadium � home of Blackburn Rovers! The hope is that Crossroads will touch many people's lives and will help them to find a living faith.

The vision for the Crossroads Mission came from a retreat of bishops in 2014 on Lindisfarne, a Celtic centre from which the gospel spread across the North of England. They committed to run a Crossroads Mission in each North of England Diocese. Sheffield was the first diocese to host the event, in September 2015.

In his new video message (, the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said; “I am really looking forward to the Northern Bishops’ Mission. What a fantastic opportunity this is for us. We can be confident together about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I urge you to pray daily that we will be so on fire for God (during Crossroads) that if we are thrown into water, we will sizzle!”
There are 14 Deanery areas in Blackburn Diocese.  Bishop Keith said; “I am looking forward to the opportunity to spend four days focussed on mission work in Blackburn Diocese. As we seek to remind people of the relevance of the person of Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers in their lives today, this initiative by the Archbishop is well-timed and I’m sure it will be a great success.”

Bishop Libby, who will be based in Blackpool deanery, said; “This Crossroads mission will be a particularly special for me. My mum was from Blackpool and I spent much of my childhood visiting my Gran and her family there. I am delighted to be working with Lyn Weston, our Diocesan Director of Mission, Rev Robin Pye, a curate in Bowdon deanery, and Shannon Wilson, a youth worker in Offerton, and with a similar team from Liverpool Diocese. We have packed and varied schedules over the four days and I am excited about the opportunities we have to share the Gospel.”

After an initial commissioning service in Blackburn Cathedral, on Thursday September 8, all the visiting bishops will be assigned to different parts of the diocese. They will stay with local clergy and churchgoers. The bishops and their teams will take part in visits and events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, working alongside local parish and deanery mission teams. They will then join in services in local parishes on Sunday morning before a closing celebration event on Preston Flag Market at 4pm.

Please pray for the continuing success of the Crossroads Mission …

Loving God,
This world you love
stands at the crossroads.
Help us help others
to discover your Way
to know your Truth
and to share your Life
in your dear Son, Jesus Christ.
Inspire us by your Spirit
to sow the good seed of the gospel
throughout this Diocese
with imagination and compassion,
that many will come to know you
and many will be strengthened in their faith,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord


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