New Pastoral Workers


undefinedChester Cathedral was the scene for the Licensing Service for Pastoral Workers on 24th September. The service, led by Bishop Keith, was a celebration of the culmination of three years hard work, training and challenge as five new Pastoral Workers were licensed.

The new assistants were Libby Owen, Amber Middlemiss, Jillian Rawcliffe, Wendy Slinger and Anne Stirling. Berenice Kirwan was relicensed on moving Parish, and Michael Hobart was welcomed and relicensed after transferring from Derby Diocese.June Fogg and Carole Riley, received their certificates of Emeritus.

Rev Thia Hughes, Assistant Warden of Pastoral Workers, said; “It was a privilege to be part of their journey as the smiles on their faces witnessed their joy and achievement, supported by their incumbents, families and friends, who were all part of their journey too.”

Pastoral Workers can be a vital link in their communities, both within and outside their churches as they provide pastoral care, visiting people, praying with them, taking Communion to the sick and housebound, supporting the bereaved and preparing people for marriage and baptism. We pray for God’s continuing blessing on our growing family of Pastoral Workers and the churches they serve.