Mothers' Union Chester Anniversary


undefinedMembers of Mothers' Union Chester Diocese had a wonderful two days away recently when they attended the 140th Anniversary Celebrations at Winchester Cathedral and the General Meeting at Basingstoke.

With approximately 3,000 people to accommodate, two services were held in the Cathedral with Rt. Rev’d Nigel Stock, Bishop at Lambeth preaching at the morning service  and in the afternoon, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend  Justin Welby. 

The Mary Sumner Choir from Zambia were an inspiration at both the services and also at the General Meeting the next day.  A powerful dramatization of the life of Mary Sumner by a group of young actors from the Saltmine Trust Theatre Company was a reminder of the fortitude and passion she had for stable family life and the well-being of children.

These values are still demonstrated today in the projects with which Mothers’ Union is involved locally, nationally and internationally. Campaigning against gender based violence, human trafficking and lobbying for policy change in regard to the sexualisation and commercialisation of children, known as the Bye Buy Childhood Campaign, Mothers’ Union members continue to empower women, educate children and transform communities around the world.