Mental health play Chester autumn 2013


undefinedTo mark World Mental Health Day, our diocesan Committee for Social Responsibility will this autumn present ‘Mind Your Head' – a one-woman show. In the production, writer and actress Eva McIntyre explores how religion can become embroiled in our issues around self-esteem and collude in leading us further into dark and life-limiting places.

‘Mind Your Head’ lasts an hour and is followed by a question and answer session with actress Eva.

The show will take place on Wednesday 7 October, 7pm to 9pm, at St Michael's Church, Devon Road, Newton, Chester.

Eva plays five people whose stories first lead God to the brink of despair before rekindling hope!

The characters are Nora (an ageing, jaded choir member); Hilary (a child-despising Sunday school teacher); Pamela (a depressive, guilt-ridden single mum); Julia (a disillusioned priest); and Chelsea (a six-year old child from a dubious home).

The auidience is invited to Join their journey and explore how the way in which we all handle our self -esteem and perception of God can lead to either despair or delight.

One in four  people in the UK are diagnosed with a mental health condition during their lifetime: children as young as 5 are being diagnosed with a mental illness in our society. Depression is now reaching global crisis proportions.

Eva said: “Somehow, a life-bringing divine creator has been turned into an angry and judgemental being of rather limited, human proportions. In this play, I set out to explore some of the familiar routes people travel on their way to this strange conclusion and some of the less conventional paths they find to peace and fulfilment.”

To book phone Victoria Day 01244 681973 ext 263 or email

The booking deadline is Friday 27 September.