Melanesians meet local young Christians 2013


undefinedYoung people from St Mary's Eastham, Wirral, spent an evening with the brothers and sisters from Melanesia who are on a ‘Simply Living' mission visit to our diocese. They all met at Chester Cathedral. The young people got to experience the South Pacific islanders' culture and spirituality.

It was one of two points of contact the brothers and sisters will have with local young Christians. The other is the youth weekend ‘Blestival’ at Quinta Hall in Shropshire on 11 May.

At the cathedral event on 23 April – which was hosted by the Diocesan Youth Office – songs were learned and sung and everyone joined in prayer together. After an informal supper of pizza and cake the brother and sisters introduced themselves by going into full song.

The main part of the evening was spent exploring the importance of prayer, with the Melanesians sharing the importance it plays in their society and challenging the young people with questions. The young people then got to ask questions about life in Melanesia and what it takes to become a brother or sister.

The evening finished with our visitors teaching everyone to sing in their native language, Pidgin, and sharing in night prayer together.

The young people rated the evening as good fun and interesting. Diocesan Youth Officer, the  Revd Mark Montgomery, said: "It was great to see the young people have a life-changing experience of the Melanesian culture and see them join in song and prayer together. I am really looking forward to their visit to Blestival in May."

Our pictures above and below show the Melanesian brothers and sisters chatting to young people from our diocese