Maasai warriors in Stockport 2015


undefinedThe Osiligi troupe of Maasai warriors will perform at St George's church, Buxton Road, Heaviley, Stockport, on Tuesday 22 September, starting at 7.30pm. With music and dance the troupe will tell the story of the Maasai a semi-nomadic people of East Africa, noted for their distinctive customs and dress.

Crafts and wares will be available for purchase at the event.

Tickets are available via the parish office (phone 0161 480 2453), priced at £10 for adults, £8 for senior citizens, and £5 for children. You can also get tickets from the Tourist Information Centre, 30/31 Market Place, Stockport.

The troupe that will perform at St George’s, Heaviley, comes from a small community, some 30 miles south-west of Nairobi in Kenya. Their performance tours, and the income from them, have taken their kinsfolk from total poverty. They now live in corrugated iron houses, instead of mud huts, and have fresh clean water at two points in their community, solar lamps instead of kerosene, a new church, a new clinic, and a new community school.

Vicar of St George’s, the Revd Canon Elaine Chegwin Hall, said: “Every church has found that these perfomances immeasurably lift the spirits, not only of their own parishioners, but also of the non-churchgoing members of the audience. The performance is a story of their lives to music, and is fully narrated, so that the audience knows what is going on.”

Pictured above - members of the troupe. Photo courtesy of Charmian Berry