light hanging' at Bramhall church Aug 2015


undefinedThis is the latest tower hanging to be put up at St Michael and All Angels' church, Bramhall. It was made by the parish's Arts and Craft Experience (ACE) group, partly to reflect the International Year of Light 2015 a United Nations observance which aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and its importance to humankind.

Tower hangings have become a feature at Bramhall church in recent times. Past ones have featured fish, doves, and a poppy hanging for Armistice Day last year.

The new installation was designed by parishioner Tricia Daniels, helped by the ACE group. Tricia decided to get the congregation involved in cutting out the hexagons as she wanted to show that everyone could work together in a project even though they thought they 'couldn't do art'.

On this occasion, Tricia did the rest of the work, helped ably by her husband David who was in charge of gluing and knotting. The hanging will stay up in church until Advent. 

Here is some of the inspiration behind the current hanging … Light is energy, and according to Genesis this energy originates from God. Light came into being on the very first day of creation.  And each of us has the light of Christ within us.