Lammastide in Haslington 2012


Lammas loaves at the serviceHaslington parish has reconnected with Lammastide - the traditional celebration of the first fruits of the harvest. When the Revd Anne Lawson became Vicar of Haslington and Crewe Green in May 2005 she had a vision to reconnect the church with the farming community, which had been going through tough times (and still is).

To engage with and celebrate the harvest season St Matthew’s Church, Haslington, decided first to hold a Lammastide service.

Lammastide is an ancient Christian festival which many village and farming communities have re-discovered in recent years. It is the occasion where thanks for given to God for the start of the harvest, and grain and bread are offered as a symbol of this thanksgiving.

Lammas is an Anglo-Saxon word for ‘loaf’ which is followed by ‘mass’ to indicate a Christian festival at which the Eucharist is celebrated.

After being approached by the Vicar, the local independent baker Food for Thought agreed to produce Lammas loaves (pictured) and present it at the service, asking for God’s blessing on the people of Haslington. 

Revd Ann - pictured below celebrating the Lammastide Eucharist - then talked to the one remaining regular farming family in the congregation to see if they would bring a sheaf of barley and ask God’s blessing on the farming community.

She said: “The service ignited people's enthusiasm and was a real community event. Lammastide is now an accepted, anticipated and expected part of the calendar, and it is just one of a variety of ways the parish is re-connecting to the local community, and we are seeing growth of a steady if not dramatic kind.”

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Vicar Ann celebrates the Lamnmastide Eucharist