Jerry Sutton time to help MEN campaign Jan 2014


undefinedA Vicar who campaigns to raise awareness of the high rate of suicide among men in the UK has been featured in recent media interviews. The Revd Jerry Sutton (pictured) of St Mark's and St Margaret's churches, Dunham Massey, runs an organisation called Mandown, which seek to connect with the thousands of men at risk.

Jerry, who is also a chaplain in the British Army Reserve, was interviewed by regional TV news on both ITV1 and BBC1.

He said: “Every year in recent years more than 5,000 men in the UK and Ireland have taken their own lives – that’s one every 90 minutes.

“The reasons for high level of male suicide are complex, and the focus is moving slightly away from the disordered, alienated teenager towards men in middle age who find themselves overwhelmed … by debt, relationship failures, social isolation and a variety of other factors.

"Here in the Altrincham area, for instance, the social stigma of failure in the context of corporate culture is a big problem.

“There is a back story to the situation of male suicide, a rather sad one, and that is the narrative of how men have become unsure about their male identity. That tendency has occurred, paradoxically, at a time when women, thankfully, have become more confident and sure in their identities.

“Thankfully there are various organisations involved in supporting men – including The Samaritans and Calm, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, which is mainly aimed at teenagers of both genders.”

Jerry added: “You don’t have to be an expert to help men who are in pre-suicidal state. We at Mandown seek through our organisation to empower ordinary people (men and woman) to stand alongside suffering men and support them, in their hour of need."

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