Award for Wirral parish's ecology work


Parishioners celebrate getting the awardSt Mary's Church in Upton, Wirral, has gained an Eco-congregation Award. The criteria for the award was met - after much hard work by parishioners - across three areas of activity: spiritual, practical and community. Parishioners are PICTURED celebrating after receiving the award.

St Mary's Vicar, the Revd Graeme Skinner, said: “After applied theological reflection, we then got our hands dirty by regularly cleaning up a local meadow, and by planning to environmentally enrich an area of our church grounds. We’ve also redone out church lighting to be more eco-friendly and written a serious of magazine articles called ‘Living Lightly’.”

The award’s lead assessor, Zandra Lomas from St Bartholomew’s Church, Great Barrow, commented that St Mary’s achievement was well-deserved with many positive goals achieved.

The parish has received a plaque (pictured below) which is displayed in the church.

The award was given by Eco-congregation (England and Wales) – an environmental movement for Christian churches.

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