Golgotha Sculptures


undefinedDavid Mach, one of Britain's leading sculptors and a big name in international art, now has his monumental sculpture �Golgotha' installed in Chester Cathedral.

Mach’s compelling depiction of the crucifixion is situated in the 14th century South Transept over the Easter period from until 1 May. Admission to it is free. Such is the scale of the installation (nearly 20 feet high) that a specialist team work for several days to delicately manoeuvre each enormous piece into place.

Golgotha was originally conceived as part of a wider exhibition celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. That was initially displayed in Edinburgh. The Fife-born artist based the three huge crucifixion faces on those of three friends – Gordon, John and Parm.

A Turner prize nominee, Mach is heavily influenced by pop art and consumerism. He often employs a sense of drama and performance. His work also explores materiality on a grand scale, by bringing together multiples of mass–produced objects, such as magazines, coat hangers, newspapers and car tyres, in large installations. His work is representational, humorous and sometimes controversial.

In the opening preview of the exhibition David gave a talk about his life as an artist. Starting with his days as a student, he gave a colourful account of how his work developed and the many challenges he faced along the way. When explaining what drove him to create the Golgotha exhibition, David said that it was not that he felt a particular calling to do so, but that most depictions of the crucifixion show Jesus in relaxed, almost serene pose.

David Mach said of Golgotha: “I wanted this sculpture to be dramatic. It is an epic, violent scene. So the sculpture needed to have as much pathos as possible. I extruded the coat hanger hooks outward to reflect that and to me they seem to capture the agony of the moment.”

The sculpture is available for sale at a cost of £1,200,000.

Further details can be found at david-mach