Congo prayer request


Prayers are being asked for the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan as tribal violence continues to claim lives in the Ituri Province in the north-eastern area of ​​the country.

Ituri is the area which includes two of our link dioceses of Aru and Boga.

Earlier this month at least 26 people were killed when a Hema village was attacked by Lendu tribes people. There is great unrest and as a result, many people are dying or fleeing their homes with nothing. People have been congregating in the main city of Bunia fearing for their lives. Many are taking refuge in churches or hospitals.

Abigail, writing to a friend in Chester Diocese, said; "I wanted to inform you about the situation of my city... We are thinking of leaving the place, people have been killed within and around the city and so many refugees are within Bunia so we need your prayers cause we are so worried."

A clergy person, who witnessed the arrival of those fleeing the conflict, described what he had seen: "Imagine a child who left their village, who reaches here without any sweater, and they are sleeping without a mattress, and something to cover the body. One lady gave birth, but the child passed away because of not having a very good care. Once more thanks a lot for your prayers, and please continue to pray because we know if you are with us and we pray together, God is there to help us."

During the years 1999-2002 tens of thousands were killed and 400,000 displaced. Underlying it was a long-time confrontation between the Lendu (subsistence farmers) and Hema (cattle owners). Since then the strife has smouldered on.

Bishop William, from Bogo Diocese, said: "I don't know what the claims are of those perpetrating those killings now. Is it an armed group fighting the government? If it is the case, why kill innocent people? Is it an ethnic conflict, what is the government and international community doing to prevent ethnic cleansing? Every war has its planners. On the ground people are pointing the blame to various directions: the government, the neighbours, the international community. What we would like to see is how to prevent the worse. We appeal to everyone to intervene so that the fire doesn't spread to the whole province, why not the whole country!   Peace!  "

Please pray for :

- community, church and Government officials as they work for peaceful solutions, remembering particularly Bishop William of Boga, Bishop Ande of Aru and Rev Bisoke, National Youth Coordinator

- effective help from churches and NGOs to the displaced and refugees

- ongoing preparations for elections due to be held on 23rd December 2018

- give thanks for the participation of 9 youth leaders plus Rev Bisoke at a youth training conference in December organised in Kampala by the Church of Uganda – pray for their fruitful ministry and outreach amongst young people, many of whom lack jobs or opportunity for further studies

- pray for Bishop Kapinga and his clergy as they seek to minister in these very challenging circumstances, and pray for provision of basic needs, food, health care and shelter, for the population and peace enabling them to return home.

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