Cycling Canon's Rome-to-Assisi 2014


undefinedThe Revd Canon John Bowers and his son Chris (pictured) have arrived home safely from a 200-mile pilgrimage from Rome to Assisi. In Rome they received Holy Communion at St Peter's to set them on their way. Throughout their journey to Assisi, the sun blazed but the two men pedalled on through the heat.

In and around Assisi they visited several churches and other places associated with St Francis.

John, aged 82, is a retired clergyman who served his entire ministry in our diocese. This September he will celebrate 50 years as a priest.

He said: “It was amazing experience to visit locations made famous by St Francis, who gave up a wealthy lifestyle to commit himself completely to Jesus; emphasising humility, simplicity, poverty, prayer and outreach through the formation of the Franciscan Order.

Each year John and Chris go on a sponsored cycling pilgrimage to raise funds to help the rescue and care of girls in Kenya who are in danger of female genital mutilation and other acts of abuse.

After the girls have been rescued, they are cared for, clothed, fed and educated, and then helped to look after themselves, having been trained in the Christian faith by the local vicar.

This year John and Chris have so far raised more than £10,000, and gifts are still very welcome. Please make any cheques payable to the Barnabas Fund and send them to: The Revd Canon John Bowers, 2 Shalford Grove, West Kirby, CH48 9XY. If you wish your donation to be gift-aided please indicate. 

Both father and son thank everyone who has contributed so far, not just this year but also over the past nine years of their fund-raising for the Barnabas Fund’s good work in Kenya.

Pictured above - John and Chris, just before they set off

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