Crossroads mission 2015 Sheffield


undefinedBishops Libby and Keith were among the 21 bishops who joined the Archbishop of York for four days of mission across the Diocese of Sheffield. Our Parish Development Officers, the Revds Richard Burton and Ian Rumsey, also took part in the Crossroads Mission in Yorkshire recently.

The idea for the Crossroads Mission came from a retreat of bishops held last year at Lindisfarne – a Celtic centre from which the Gospel spread across the North of England. They committed to work together to serve one diocese a year, Sheffield being the first.

“Stand at the crossroads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls” - Jeremiah 6.16

So what was involved? Well, the bishops and others engaged in four days of prayerful events. There were visits to schools, community centres and cafés, plus evangelistic social events (some in pubs), preaching in local churches, and a pilgrimage with stopping points.

Bishop Libby spoke with 50 young people on Thursday evening and visited the chaplaincy team at the Sheffield Children's Hospital on Friday morning. She also met city centre traders and business staff at the launch of an Oasis Prayer Space.

Archbishop Sentamu and the Northern bishops, together with their teams, met on Sunday for the finale of the Sheffield diocese leg of the mission – at an open air service outside Rotherham Minster.

It was a packed four days of activities in south Yorkshire, with thousands of conversations taking place to sow the good seed of the Gospel.

Please pray for the continuing success of the Crossroads Mission …

Loving God,
This world you love
stands at the crossroads.
Help us help others
to discover your Way
to know your Truth
and to share your Life
in your dear Son, Jesus Christ.
Inspire us by your Spirit
to sow the good seed of the gospel
throughout this Diocese
with imagination and compassion,
that many will come to know you
and many will be strengthened in their faith,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord


An upbeat start to the Crossroads Mission


Bishop Libby out with the Street Pastors in the night
community in Sheffield city centre. On meeting + Libby
the club doorman stammered 'I don't know whether
to bow, curtsey or give you a hug'. He gave her a hug


Addressing one of many meetings - Bishop Keith


A youth event at St Polycarp's Sheffield

King Henry VIII meets the first woman bishop in his
newly formed Church! Well, actually it's +Libby at
the Sheffield Cathedral heritage day as part of
the Northern bishops' Crossroads Mission