Come to the Light – resources go live ...


undefinedThe mission to revitalise the Christian faith in all parts of Wallasey � which includes major events at New Brighton's seafront cinema, The Light � is now underway. Our main picture here is of the Perch Rock lighthouse - at the northern tip of Wallasey - taken on New Year's Day 2013. Read on ...

All the churches are joining in prayer for the Mission Wallasey project, using the 100 Days of Prayer online resource - featuring special prayers and pictures of Wallasey landmarks. This resource is now live 100 Days

And Bishop Keith will give a series of five talks under the banner 'Come to the Light'. These will all take place at The Light cinema on New Brighton's revitalised seafront.

The first meeting is on Sunday 17 February at 7pm. Bishop Keith will speak about ‘Light in Darkness’. There will follow four more Sunday events at The Light, finishing on 17 March.

Bishop Keith’s talks will be illustrated with clips from recent Hollywood films. Many films, such as Shawshank Redemption, touch on really important themes and the bishop will explore them in his talks; subjects such as liberation, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Come to the Light has galvanised all the churches in Wallasey so that they are now working together in mission. Members of every church in the area will invite their friends to the evenings. Five thousand invitations are being sent out and publicity for the mission can be seen all over the town of Wallasey.

Phil Dickson, Secretary of Wirral Churches Together, said: “This is a tremendous opportunity for the churches of Wallasey to work together. It will enable them to build on existing relationships and work together in mission with a shared heart for a community they are all deeply committed to.”

Christian exploration courses are planned to take place around Wallasey after Easter to offer a forum for discussion for those who want to learn more.

And all the churches are joining in prayer using the 100 Days of Prayer online resource, featuring special prayers and pictures of Wallasey landmarks. This resource is now live 100 Days

The Revd Graham Cousin, Rural Dean of Wallasey, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to present the good news in an environment that is not at all churchy.“

Our Parish Development officer, the Revd Richard Burton said: “The project is drawing all of the churches in Wallasey together in mission. There is a real sense of hope as we begin to look towards Lent 2013.”

Keynote speaker, the Bishop of Birkenhead


Venue for the talks, The Light cinema, New Brighton