colour CDN promo Feb 2010


undefinedChester Diocesan News will for the first time use colour photography as a regular feature starting with the April issue. Following favourable feedback from our trial colour issue for February (pictured) there will in future be full-colour pictures on the front and back pages of each issue as well as across the centre spread of the A5-sized version.

This change will mean a modest increase in production costs – but it was felt that a diocesan newsletter that contained only black and white photographs in 2014 looked very dated.

Our printer will invoice parishes with the new cost of £7.40 per 100 copies. 

On the front page of the April issue of CDN Bishop Robert – soon to become the Bishop of Exeter – will write an inspirational farewell article. We will also tell, using colour photographs, of Chester Cathedral’s move into showcasing heritage, arts and culture, using the likes of sculpture exhibitions.

You will also find a colour photograph of ‘Time to Talk’ – one of the events held to raise awareness of mental health problems.

The move to colour gives an added incentive to parishes to send in photos and reports of their activities – for use in CDN and in our regularly-updated pages of our website news.

Stephen Regan, CDN Editor