Church flash mob in Upton, Wirral


undefinedMembers of St Mary's church in Upton, Wirral, are preparing to use the flash mob technique again to attract local people to their Christmas services. Sainsbury's and Homebase stores in the village both allowed a group from the parish to do a three-minute ‘flash mob carol' during the busy shopping time a few days before Christmas last year.

It proved so popular with the shops and shoppers that it will be repeated this year. The parish flash mobbers will swing into actoin on Thursday 18 December - at Sainsbury's at 6.30pm and 7pm, and at Homebase at 6.45pm

During their Christmas 2013 flash mob carol the parishioners did not collect any money; they simply handed out invitations to Christmas church services as the choir dispersed at the end.

Flash mobs start with a solo singer, who is slowly joined by others as they move in from different parts of the venue – in this case each of the two stores.  Extra members of St Mary’s, who were planted around the stores last year, then joined at the end, producing joyous scenes, ones which appear to have happened spontaneously.

Flash mobs usually happen in public spaces, and are intended to be relatively short, the participants dispersing quite quickly. The idea originated in New York and has often been used for protests or promotional purposes.

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