A movie about God’s transforming power


undefinedA Wirral man who changed his life for the better, dramatically, after accepting Christ is to have his story told in a film. Christopher Power (pictured) � an actor and a member of Holy Trinity, Spital � had a troubled life as a young person growing up in Rock Ferry and Birkenhead.

He knew theft, drinking, gambling and solvent-abuse at a very young age.

Throughout his childhood, he suffered from dyslexia, and problems with physical co-ordination, for which he was bound in a straitjacket and placed in a hospital at age six.

In one key scene of the film – which is currently in development – there will be a moment when Christopher cries out to God from his prison cell. From that point his life changes as he breaks free from his past and experiences God's transforming power.

In 2009, Christopher’s autobiography ‘Breaking Free: from the street to the stage’ was published – essentially an account of God’s work in transforming his life.

Now film producer Mark Brooke from North Light Film Studios, and G.P. Taylor, an author and film maker, plan to turn Christopher’s book into a feature-length movie, provisionally titled ‘Yesterday’s Boy’.

Recalling his former life, Christopher said: “I was sent to a detention centre – known as the Short Sharp Shock in the 1980s – and then a remand prison for petty crimes I carried out as a teenager. 

“What I did was wrong and I realised that but the great thing is I turned my life around when I became a Christian. After leaving prison I wanted to go back into education.

“While at a performing arts school at the age of 19 I met an actor who took me under his wing.  Together we embarked on a journey that would change me as a person. Eventually I got into various drama schools.

“I’m really passionate about this film project and I hope it will be inspirational. It addresses many of the issues associated with modern youth culture such as alcohol, drugs and gambling and shows there is a way to overcome them.”

Christopher, aged 44, has appeared on many TV programmes in recent years – including ITV’s ‘Coronation Street’ and ‘Building the Titanic’, BBC1’s ‘Real Stories’, and C4’s ‘The Courtroom’.

He also plays Colin Jarvis, a head of social services, in the recent British movie ‘For Love’s Sake’

If you would like more information about Christopher’s new autobiographical Christian film ‘Yesterday’s Boy’, or wish to invest in it, phone him on  0151 645 9928 or email cpower@talktalk.net

He also asks for your prayerful support for the project. 

Above, Christopher Power as war poet Wilfred Owen in a live show