Camelet at Wilsmlow chruch March 2105


undefinedThe magical world of Camelot came to life at St Bartholomew's church, Wilmslow recently when more than 250 enthusiastic visitors flocked to see King Arthur and his knights holding court. The church was transformed into the legendary city complete with a medieval village and a turreted castle, for a big family fun day.

King Arthur (Mike Garside) held court at his Round Table, dispensing knighthoods while Merlin recited incantations over his magical ingredients, which children then used to create their favourite spells. 

The belfry was transformed into the Camelot training grounds where knights helped younger visitors to try their hand at archery.

For the brave (or foolhardy) there was a visit to Mordred’s castle dungeons, or to the treasure chamber where gold and jewels dazzled the eye. At regular intervals battle broke out between Arthur’s knights and the wicked Sir Mordred, whose fierce dragon threatened to destroy the city while courageous children helped by cheering on Arthur and retrieving Merlin’s wand.

And through all the fun, the Gospel message was heard.

Those who had heard the Legend of Alderley Edge knew that King Arthur and his knights are said to be sleeping under the ancient forest. For Camelot Day the church chancel was redecorated as Alderley Edge and the story was told anew by Nell Mountford and Olivia King.

There was hair braiding in Guinevere’s chamber plus face-painting, a treasure hunt and an ‘X marks the spot’ feature on Camelot’s treasure map.

Nell Mountford, the event organiser said, “I can’t praise the team highly enough.  The church looked stunning and it was wonderful to see the excitement on the faces of the children.  Our main aim with this was event was to provide a little magic for local families and raise the profile of the church.

“Special thanks should go to everyone but in particular our Duke of Edinburgh candidates from the local high school who excelled themselves, not only on the day, entertaining the children, but also in the lead-up to the event, preparing crafts and setting up.

Following the Saturday event, on the Monday 150 school children from Lacey Green, Gorsey Bank and St Anne’s, Fulshaw visited, with entertainment and craft experiences provided. 

Nell added: “In today’s busy world it’s often hard to spread the good news of the Gospel but we made time to remind the children that God is with them and Paul Smith, our Rector, gave an excellent talk reminding them that Jesus is always with us on our journey of faith.”

Pictured above, a very Arthurian scene from the fun event, with parishioner Mike Garside and two of his knights