book of drabbles by ex Gawsworth parishioner


undefinedA book about a parish priest and his experiences written by a former parishioner from Gawsworth near Macclesfield, who is now a priest in the Diocese of Derby has sold more than 2,000 copies already. A second print-run has been authorised. 'The Drabble Diary of a Parish Priest' by the Revd Chris Andrew Is published by Success Stories of Manchester at 5.99 in print and 2.59 as a Kindle.

Chris is giving a proportion of the profits to various charitable causes. To order a copy of the book from him email or phone 07932 812444.

The book is a mix of 'drabbles' on light topics – such as youngsters’ unintentionally funny misunderstanding words and phrases, and amusing encounters with nuns – and more serious pastoral encounters and theological reflections.

A drabble is a literary style where the author considers some aspect of life in exactly 100 words. A drabble diary is exactly 100 such pieces.

The foreword is by the Rt Revd William Pwaisiho, Rector of Gawsworth and an Honorary Assistant Bishop in our diocese.

The Revd Chris Andrew was born and raised in rural Cheshire. He says a big ‘thank you’ to all who have bought his book already, after it was publicised on this website back in October and via the communication channels of the Diocese of Derby.

Copies of the publication have been ordered for local public libraries in Derbyshire. 

There have been a couple of interesting spin-offs since the book’s publication last year.  A teacher of children with autism contacted Chris to say that the 100-word format is perfect for some of the pupils. And a manager of a care home wrote to say he thought reading drabbles could aid dementia sufferers - so a Drabble Diary project of residents' recollections and memories is now under way.

Chris was a member of the congregation at St James' Church, Gawsworth, who as an ordinand from our diocese studied theology at the University of Cardiff while training for ordination at St Michael's College. He is particularly interested in practical theology and is a keen practitioner of theological reflection.

Above - the Revd Chris Andrew with his book of drabbles