Biblical scenes created in Poyton church 2015


undefinedSt. George's church, Poynton, was taken back to the time of Jesus and the early Christians this summer by Peter and Julie Fraser of the Bible Encounter Trust.

The church (just north of Macclesfield) was transformed by a team of volunteers with great attention to detail – to replicate scenes that ranged from the catacombs of Rome to the shores of Galilee.

The Fisherman’s Tale art project brought to life the story of Peter – the disciple Jesus said was the ‘rock’ upon which the church was to be built.

The scenes created inside St George’s were intended to offer an insight into the life of Jesus and all He did, through the eyes of Peter and other witnesses. The building was given a big make-over. Pews were moved to make room for all the scenery.

For two weeks, all the local primary schools visited the church. Children gathered around the Apostle Peter (played by Peter Fraser), and listened in awe.

But the journey wasn’t without its perils – so the young travellers had to navigate the catacombs of Rome to escape the wrath of the Emperor Nero.

As they travelled through Jerusalem to Galilee, Peter told his young audience about the resurrection, and about how Jesus fed the 5,000.

The parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin were also told.

The story trail was open to adults in the evening. ‘The end of every performance was greeted with enthusiastic applause,’ said Val Parry, parish office manager. 

“Special thanks to everyone who contributed. The Fisherman’s Tale was such a special event. It will be remembered by many people for a long time to come.”

Quite a transformaion at St George's church, as the scene above shows