Bhead parish visit to recycling centre 2013


undefinedMembers of Christ the King, Birkenhead, visited their local recycling centre recently. They did so as a response to adopting the Diocesan Environmental Policy and working on their own ‘environment wheel'. The wheel is a downloadable document which helps parishes to plan their environmental priorities.

Christ the King parishioners have for a long time been recycling as much as possible – including collecting old batteries.

They decided they wanted to know what happened to their recycled waste. So a visit was organised to nearby Bidston and the Wirral Council centre where the contents of the citizens’ grey recycling bins sorted.

They are pictured during their visit.

Vicar Dallas Ayling said: “It was very informative as we watched people working in enclosed cabins sorting some of the material. We observed how the different types of material were separated and then collected ready to go to the different recycling plants.

“It has really helped us to think about recycling and in particular how not to contaminate our bins with the wrong kind of waste.

“Why not find out whether your local recycling plant allows for organised visits?”