Back to Church Sunday 2012


Last year nearly a hundred churches from our diocese took part in Back to Church Sunday (BTCS). On average, 19 extra people attended these churches on the day, an increase in attendance of 23 per cent. Research in two dioceses suggests that somewhere between 12 per cent and 15 per cent of those who returned to church on BTCS will still be regular worshippers six months later.

This means that churches who participated in the project in our diocese can reasonably expect there to be two or three extra regular worshippers as part of their church family. Across the diocese this will mean well over 200 new people in church on a Sunday. The project extends a welcome to all types and ages of people. Our PICTURE shows youngsters making "butties" as part of BTCS in Runcorn two years ago.

Richard Burton, the Diocesan Parish Development Officer says, “Back to Church Sunday is an effective form of mission and outreach. It may not appeal to everyone in the parish, but it clearly helps to draw many back into the life of the church. If your church has not so far taken part I think it is time your PCC asked why.”

To find out more about how BTCS works visit

If the initiative interests your parish then keep watching the website because by April it will offer a special pack to help BTCS – 30 September 2012 – work really well
The packs are likely to contain 50 invitation cards at a cost of just £10.

Parishes taking part need to set up small teams to organise BTCS locally.

BTCS helps your church develop a culture of invitation and welcome. It is so simple; all it’s about is one person inviting a friend to their church.

Richard Burton says: “I do not understand why every church in the diocese does not get involved. Not only is it easy but it is also highly effective.”