New art for Church Hall


undefinedSix impressive painted panels have been installed at the church hall of St Mary's, Weaverham. They are the work of parishioner Steph Driver. They feature images of Christian symbols such as the cross, a chalice, fishes, vines and the crown of thorns.

The paintings (each measuring 4’ by 2’) adorn the walls at the Lighthouse, which is the new name for the church hall since it was revamped for better community use.

Steph Driver, a long-term member of the church and a mother of two teenagers, has felt inspired to do more artwork in recent years, and volunteered to make the panels.  

Steph explained: "Having felt that God was directing my life to use my creative skills, I jumped at the chance to take on a project to decorate the new Lighthouse

“I prayed for inspiration on a design that God wanted for his walls, one that would please my church family and portray the glory of God, especially for newcomers to the building. After a couple of days the ideas just flowed when I
was with my family after church on the Sunday.

“The canvases arrived at my home and the box filled my dining room. I inspected the canvases and placed one ready to start on my easel. I looked up to see it towering towards the ceiling and I gulped and thought 'can I do this?'

“Eight months later, after daily struggles and doubts, the art work was complete. At the unveiling everybody said how pleased they were with them.”

St Mary’s church is an ecumenical project with Methodists and Anglicans working and worshipping together. Its mission statement is: “Sharing the light and hope of Jesus with our community”.  

The Revd Andrew Brown, Vicar of Weaverham, said: “We are really pleased with Steph’s paintings. They have introduced colour and symbols of meaning to our hall, and they’ve already provoked many conversations about the Christian faith.”

Top picture - Steph with three of her panels. Below – the three other panels